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Exterior A-La-Carte Services

Dude’s Auto Details provides professional & affordable car detailing in Colorado Springs. No matter what you drive, we bring back that showroom shine. Look no further for auto detailers in Colorado Springs.

We are co-located inside of Patterson Custom Diesel, and all services require a scheduled appointment.

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Exterior A-La-Carte Services

Paint Correction
Paint Correction

Removal of swirling, marring and light-to-medium scratches. This process starts with a compound and we work our way up to a polish, restoring that factory showroom shine to your vehicle.

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Starting at:
Small Vehicle – $400
Mid-Size Vehicle – $500
Full-Size Vehicle – 600
Oversize Vehicle – $700

Paint Correction | Dude's Auto Details

Wet Sand
Wet Sand

Our wet sand process removes deeper oxidation and scratches that a buffer won’t touch. After wet sanding, paint correction is required to restore factory shine.

Starting at:
Small Vehicle – $600
Mid-Size Vehicle – $700
Full-Size Vehicle – $800
Oversize Vehicle – $900

Engine Detail
Engine Detail

Starting at:
Cosmetic – $85
Complete Clean – TBD for every engine*
* diesel, electric, & unusual engines require more attention

Trim Restoration
Trim Restoration

Renew the exterior vinyl on your vehicle to bring back color.

Starting at:
Small Vehicle – $100
Mid-Size Vehicle – $135
Full-Size Vehicle – $155
Oversize Vehicle – $175

Exterior Vinyl Removal
Exterior Vinyl Removal

We can remove weathered & worn out vinyl from your car’s exterior. Replacements are also available. Contact us for a custom quote.

Starting at:
Small Vehicle – $300
Mid-Size Vehicle – $400
Full-Size Vehicle – $500
Oversize Vehicle – $600

Do I need an appointment for a detail service?

In order the most efficient car detailing Colorado Springs services, an appointment is required. Please use the “Schedule Now” buttons throughout the site, or call us today.

Do you provide car pick-up/drop-off?

We do not offer a courtesy shuttle or vehicle pick-up/drop-off due to the time it takes from being able to focus on your vehicle.

How long will it take to detail my car?

Our car detailing packages & services vary in appointment length from as little as a couple hours to as long as a few days. Our coatings must cure, & take longer than standard detailing services.

What service guarantees do you make?

Please see our disclaimer, as any product or service guarantees or warranties will be disclosed at time of purchase.

More Than Just Exterior A-La-Carte Services

Our complete auto detail packages restore that showroom shine.

Interior Detail Package

Our Interior Detail Package covers complete cleaning, dressing, & protection on your car’s interior.

Exterior Detail Package

Our Exterior Detail Package covers bumper-to-bumper cleaning, polishing and protection of your car’s exterior.

Simple Auto Detail Pricing

Full Detail Package Pricing

Our Full Detail Package combines our Exterior Detail & Interior Detail Packages to give your car the complete attention it needs and deserves!

NOTE: Extra dirt, hair or grime may incur an additional fee. We always give each client an exact quote upon seeing the vehicle so that there are no surprises at the end.


We Restore That Showroom Shine

Dude’s Auto Details

We’d love for you to reach out with any questions or concerns, or to schedule an exact quote.

Disclaimers and Risk Involvement:
Today’s thin paint only allows us to offer our paint correction solutions once or twice. Dude’s Auto Details is not responsible for pre-existing paint damage and conditions. Neither is Dude’s Auto Details responsible for thin manufacturer paint.
Dude’s Auto Details is not responsible for aftermarket paint or custom paint, or for paint burns due to thin paint. Neither are we responsible for loose trim, badges, emblems, or aftermarket parts.
And finally, Dude’s Auto Details is not responsible for aftermarket film, decals, or vinyl applied products. We cannot offer a 100% defect free finish on any surface we correct; paint correction prices are not guaranteed and could result in a higher amount.